Clover/Keno loop

A 35 mile paved loop from the camp ground. There is ~1 mile of dirt at the beginning of Buck Lake Rd.


Jenny Johnson loop


46 miles/3,300 ft.

This loop crisscrosses from thick conifer forest, to wide open meadows, to scrubby juniper reminiscent of the high desert and back. It's lack of big climbs and steep grades renders it moderate in terms of physical exertion. A mix of BLM and private land, you'll see more cows than people. Not all roads are signed so be sure to keep an eye on the map. It's all dirt until the last ten miles.


Soda Springs loop


75 miles/ 6,700 ft.

This loop you will ride clockwise, leaving the campground and heading out towards Dead Indian Memorial Rd. via Howard Prairie Rd. It will take you out to the little town of Lake Creek where unfortunately THERE IS NO LONGER A STORE. From Lake Creek take Little Butte Falls Creek Rd. to the Soda Springs pools, take a dip if you'd like, otherwise hang a left on FR 3730. This two track forest road becomes steep as it climbs up to Brown Mountain Rd. where you will turn right. Follow it to Dead Indian Memorial where you hang a left and ride it for ~6 miles before taking a right on Clover Creek and then a quick right on Keno Access Rd. Shortly thereafter you'll see Howard Prairie Rd. where you'll take a left and arrive back at camp. Be prepared to bring a lot of water and food.