Klamath - Siskiyou Loop

135 miles

16k ft. elev.

2-4 days

Late Spring - Early Fall

Even in June snow can remain at the higher elevations along the Crest.

Even in June snow can remain at the higher elevations along the Crest.

We rode this as a two day loop from Ashland, climbing up Tolman Creek Road to the Mt. Ashland ski area and out along the Siskiyou Crest, descending to the Klamath river via Doggett Creek Road (NF-12). There are many forest service roads on the south side of the crest providing a multitude of ways to drop down to the river. However, there are only a few bridges that connect HWY 96 with Klamath River Road (an old route that parallels the river on the south side). We chose this route because it takes you within a half mile of Walker Bridge, minimizing time riding on HWY 96. After crossing over the river turn left onto Klamath River Road for a mellow, mostly flat, pleasant ride along the river. At times it is a paved two lane road, then suddenly a bumpy dirt two track. Passing homes and ranches, you’re able to take in the beauty that otherwise would be hard to do worrying about the traffic on the highway. 

Klamath River Road terminates ~18 miles east of Walker bridge, here you cross the river and ride the highway for 2.5 miles crossing under I-5 and entering Anderson Grade/Klamathon Rd. More mellow spinning through the scenic river valley and you’re in Hornbrook. Here you’ll have your first re-supply (at mile 90!) but don’t get too excited it’s only a gas station. There apparently is a pizza joint and a saloon but I would suggest you call and find out their hours before planning your trip. 

Creek crossing on the CCC Rd.

Creek crossing on the CCC Rd.

Once out of Hornbrook you will again cross I-5 and start to climb up the CCC road. There isn’t much info we have been able to find out about this road, seems as though it was built around the same time as the Trestle road (it’s counterpart after it crosses Hilt-Hungry Rd.). It is one of our favorite roads in this area and an amazing asset as it provides a north/south dirt connector that allows to you avoid the interstate. 

Hilt-Hungry takes you into Hilt where there is a liquor store with some snacks (chips, nuts, jerky, soda, lots of booze). From Hilt you climb up through the Colestin Valley towards Mt. Ashland. If you’re feeling up for more climbing you can skip Hilt and climb the Trestle road to the 40S06, hang a right on the 40S11 and drop back into town via 2080/Tolman Creek. 

Another variation of this route would be to head back north on Beaver Creek Rd. (you would continue East on HWY 96 past Walker Bridge to the hamlet of Klamath River and turn left on Beaver Creek Rd./NF48N01). You would still have the option of going into Hilt and returning via Colestin or heading back up to the Mt. Ashland Ski Area and down Tolman or 2060.

Water: Don’t do this route without a filter. There are streams along the route but not much in the way of towns or services.

Food: plan on bringing all your food, you can get some snacks in Hornbrook at the Chevron or plan ahead and find out if the pizza joint will be open. 

Camping: We camped at deer camp meadows, but there are a multitude of dispersed camping options. 

Maps: Klamath National Forest Map